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Degrees offered by: USM
CIP: 51.0000
  Fine Arts* ART 1113, DAN 1113, MUS 1113, SPT 2233, others possible 3  
  Statistics PSY 2323, MAT/BAD 2323 3  
  English Composition I & II ENG 1113, ENG 1123 6  
  Literature* ENG 2413, ENG 2423, ENG 2433, others possible 3  
  Humanities* HIS 1163, HIS 1173, PHI 2613, PHI 2113, PHI 2143, others possible (1 HIS required) 6  
  College Algebra or higher MAT 1313 or higher, except for MAT 1723, MAT 1733, and MAT 1743 3  
  Social and Behavioral Sciences* Select two courses: SOC/ANR 2213, HPR 1213, GEO 1113, PSC 1113, PSY 1513, SOC 2113, others possible 6  
  Public Speaking I SPT 1113 3  
  Laboratory Sciences Select two from Laboratory Sciences list (BIO 2514, BIO 2524 recommended) 8  
  Approved general or technical electives As many hours as necessary to fulfill degree plan requirements 19  
USM Total   60  
Students pursuing the BS degree in Public Health (Allied Health) must have an associate degree in an Allied Health area (respiratory therapists, physical therapy assistants, dental hygienists, etc.) and be eligible to sit for a national certification exam in their specific discipline area.

*USM General Education Curriculum Note: Additional courses may satisfy specific university general education curriculum requirements. See the USM General Education Curriculum (GEC) Course Transfer Policy for details. Specific program requirements are found in the USM Undergraduate Bulletin Degree Plans:http://catalog.usm.edu/

At USM, acceptance of community college work is limited to one-half of the total degree hour requirements for graduation in a given curriculum. Total degree hours: 124 Total hours that will transfer for this degree program: 62