Overview of Curriculum
Degrees offered by: ASU
CIP: 29.9999
Courses Accepted By: ASU
  Plant Science AGR 1313 4  
  Agricultural Economics AGR 2713 3  
  Fine Arts ART 1113, DAN 1113, MUS 1113, SPT 2233 6  
  Botany I BIO 1314 4  
  Zoology I BIO 2414 4  
  General Chemistry I & II CHE 1214, CHE 1224 8  
  Social and Behavioral Sciences ECO 2113, ECO 2123, PSC 1113, PSC 1123, PSC 2113, PSY 1513, SOC 2113, SOC 2133, SOC 2143, SOC/ANR 2213, SOC/ANR 2243 6  
  English Composition I & II ENG 1113, ENG 1123 6  
  Literature ENG 2223, ENG 2233, ENG 2323, ENG 2333, ENG 2423, ENG 2433, ENG 2523, ENG 2533 3  
  History HIS 1113, HIS 1123, HIS 1163, HIS 1173, HIS 2213, HIS 2223 3  
  Physical Education Activities or Military Science HPR 1111, HPR 1121 2  
  Personal and Community Health HPR 1213 3  
  College Algebra or higher MAT 1313 or higher, except for MAT 1723, MAT 1733, and MAT 1743 3  
  General Psychology PSY 1513 3  
  Public Speaking I SPT 1113 3  
ASU Total    61  
Concentrations in the following areas: Biomedical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology, Geospatial Engineering Technology: Homeland Security, Geospatial Engineering Technology: Natural Resource Management, Nuclear Engineering Technology, Radiation Technology, Medical Radiologic Science and Technology*, Technology Management: Healthcare Management and Administration**, Technology Management: Industrial**

*The Applied Science Radiologic Science and Technology concentration offers graduates of community college radiologic sciences programs the ability to obtain a bachelor of science degree in Applied Science with education in specialty areas of medical imaging. The specialty areas currently being offered are Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Mammography. This area of study may be taken online.

**The Applied Science Technology Management concentration with emphases in Medical (Health Care Management and Administration) and Industrial is a two-year capstone degree program for persons holding AA, AS, or AAS degrees from an accredited two-year college, or equivalent. This area of study may be taken online.

At ASU, acceptance of community or junior college work is limited to one-half of the total degree hour requirements for graduation in a given curriculum. Total degree hours: 120 Total hours that will transfer for this degree program: 60