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Degrees offered by: MSU
CIP: 04.0201
  Drawing I, (Drawing II**) ART 1313, (ART 1323**) 3  
  Fine Arts ART 2713, ART 2723, DAN 1113, MUS 1113, SPT 2233 3  
  Social and Behavioral Sciences ECO 2113, ECO 2123, GEO 1113, PSC 1113, PSC 1123, PSC 2113, PSY 1513, SOC 2113, SOC 2133, SOC 2143, SOC/ANR 2213, SOC/ANR 2243 6  
  English Composition I & II ENG 1113, ENG 1123 6  
  College Algebra, Trigonometry, or Calculus* MAT 1513, MAT 1613 6  
  General Physics I & II PHY 2414, PHY 2424 8  
  Elective(s) May be used towards a minor 12  
MSU Total   44  
Students should be in direct communication with the School of Architecture's Admissions Advisor to confirm their schedules each semester.

*Students who place into a course higher than College Algebra (MAT 1313) on the mathematics placement test may fulfill the University mathematics requirement with either Calculus I (MAT 1613) , Business Calculus I (MAT 1513), or Finite Mathematics (MAT 1333). By itself, Trigonometry (MAT 1323) does not meet this requirement.

**Required if student receives a grade of "C" or lower in Drawing I (ART 1313)

The coursework above satisfies much of the general education requirements of the first year of the 5-year professional Bachelor of Architecture curriculum, with the exception of Design 1A (ARC 1536) and Design 1B Studio (ARC 1546) courses. Students must apply to the School of Architecture to complete the remaining years of the BArch degree, which will require 10 semesters of course work. A student may apply for Summer admission to MSU and the School of Architecture to complete the Design 1A and 1B Studio courses during the summer terms, leaving eight semesters of course work to be completed for the BArch. The School of Architecture at MSU offers the only NAAB-accredited professional degree in the state of Mississippi.

At MSU, acceptance of community college work is limited to one-half of the total degree hour requirements for graduation in a given curriculum. Total degree hours: 152 Total hours that will transfer for this degree program: 44