If you are a community college student interested in transferring to a Mississippi Public University or if you want to transfer between Mississippi Public Universities, you are in the right place. The Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (MATT) will keep you on track to transfer by walking you through the 8-step transfer process. MATT can assist you to understand whether courses offered at one institution will be accepted for transfer credit at a partner institution, consider degree/major and institutions you want to transfer into, build a personal Transfer Guide, and obtain information relating to application deadlines, financial aid opportunities, transfer policies and other critical information.

The transfer process isn't THAT much different from the initial college application process.

Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (known as MATT) was created to be a one-stop shop for transfer students, administrators, advisors and faculty. MATT is designed to facilitate student transitions between and among Mississippiā€™s Institutions of Higher Learning and Community and Junior College systems. MATT displays detailed and up-to-date information on degree pathways and provides students with a streamlined way to access transfer agreements developed between public institutions in a searchable database. MATT enables students to compare current courses against equivalent courses at another institution and learn how those courses meet degree requirements for a specific major. As such, the Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool site contains the flowing information:

  • Transfer Course Equivalencies
  • Transfer Profiles for the participating institutions
  • Searchable Database by Institution
  • Searchable Database by Major
  • Transfer Guide Planning
  • Personalized Transfer Guide

Funding for MATT is provided by USA Funds and the College Access Challenge Grant Program. MATT is managed by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at the MS Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning. More information regarding articulation and transfers can be found in the MATT area of the mywayMississippi website.